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Bulletin, South Africa’s most dynamic radio news portal, has taken over the reins at NewsFlash to strengthen and expand on what it offers clients. After 25 years NewsFlash is now produced by Bulletin, a move which sees a merger of skills creating a team of seasoned professionals with combined radio and journalistic experience of nearly 200 years. Bulletin allows you to choose your news as you select each story to compile a tailored bulletin with sound bites across various categories, while NewsFlash continues to deliver pre-compiled news bulletins with sound to our community radio stations. An average of 60 to 80 (and counting) fresh stories are loaded onto the Bulletin virtual newsroom daily from where you can browse and compile bulletins from the following categories: Local, National, International, Sport, Business, Agricultural, Good News Stories as well as your national and regional Morning Newspaper Headlines. We are going live in February with English and Afrikaans followed by African languages later in 2020 and are available to radio stations with a footprint anywhere in the Southern half of Africa. If you need pre-written radio news stories, assistance during downtime or due to staff shortages, or if you simply want to save on your newsroom overheads, we’ve got you covered with Fresh, Accurate and Affordable radio news stories. (Professionally pre-recorded news may also be available upon request.) Our news team is ready to take care of the 2nd most important appointment you can make with your listener. Contact and find out how we can support your current newsroom.


  • NewsFlash News Agency was founded in 1995 and soon became South Africa’s most popular and trusted radio news supplier.
  • We produce comprehensive and ready-to-read bulletins 7 days a week.
  • We use only experienced journalists and editors to ensure that our bulletins are accurate, fresh and easy to read on air.
  • Our bulletins include carefully crafted sound bites to grab and hold the attention of listeners.
  • We cover politics, business, conservation, human interest, international news and more, with a special focus on the latest sport news, keeping fans informed as it happens.
  • NewsFlash clients are encouraged to adapt bulletins and to add their own news stories in line with the interests of their listeners.
  • Because big news shouldn’t wait for scheduled news bulletins our “news flashes” alert stations of breaking news.

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Editor in Chief Jo Lennox Goodenough
General Manager Debbie Oosthuizen


NewsFlash has now ‘migrated’ to  If for any reason, you are not in possession of your new login details, please call Debbie on 0861 4666 44 or  WhatsApp her on 0820756158.

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