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Our news is honest and independent

Big or small, radio stations need to keep to tight budgets. NewsFlash News Agency produces news stories and sound bytes far more cost effectively than any single station or newsroom can, because we are a shared resource paid for by many stations. In the United States and Europe too, most radio stations use a combination of their own news staff and an independent news agency that specializes in radio news. It is what works best, wherever you are.

NewsFlash keeps listeners up to date on all the big news stories, including politics, sport, business, human interest stories, conservation, international news, etc. NewsFlash has fulltime journalists gathering news on the spot in Gauteng and the Western Cape, and we send journalists to big news events in other provinces. NewsFlash also gathers news by phone. And we occasionally interview newsmakers outside South Africa, in neighbouring countries and for instance in the Middle East, New Zealand, etc.

More about Newsflash...
  • NewsFlash was founded in 1995. Over the years we became the most popular and trusted choice as Southern African radio news supplier.
  • NewsFlash News Agency is a member of the SA National Editors’ Forum (Sanef), the National Press Club and the Cape Town Press Club.
  • NewsFlash respects client stations’ individuality and editorial independence. We encourage radio stations to add local stories to our news bulletins, change the order of the stories and delete stories that they find unsuitable
  • We produce news bulletins seven days’ a week, every day of the year, with Christmas Day the only exception. NewsFlash’s weekend bulletins enable us to cover major sporting events. But big news shouldn’t wait for scheduled news bulletins and “news flashes” are an important feature of our service, keeping listeners updated on breaking news.
  • All weekday bulletins feature the latest Rand/Dollar rate, the Rand/Euro, Rand/Pound, the gold price and Brent crude oil price
  • We believe news shouldn’t be a record of doom and disaster only and should also reflect positive and light-hearted developments. E.g. Our bulletins often end with a funny “and finally” story
  • NewsFlash is dedicated to the ideal of providing credible and unbiased news to the radio industry. We go to great lengths to ensure that our news is objective and free of political agendas or regional bias. NewsFlash is independently owned and operated.

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